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Reservations, Applications & Permits

Reservations, Applications & Permits

Rules and Regulations:

​Please abide by the follow rules and regulations while using the District areas.

Rules and Regulations for Roxborough Village Metropolitan District Parks and Open Space

Reserve a Park, Gazebo or Fields:

​The park areas, gazebo and sport fields are available for reservation as a convenience for the District’s residents for a refundable deposit of $100. Please complete the entire form and submit to Roxborough Village Metropolitan District, Attention: Peggy Ripko, 141 Union Blvd. Ste. 150, Lakewood, CO 80228 or via email at The deposit must be in the form of a check and mailed to the same address. 

Request to Reserve Park Areas & Gazebo

Youth Sports Teams: Application and Revocable Park Use Permit for Sport Fields

Adult Sports Teams: Application and Revocable Park Use Permit for Sport Fields

Food Truck Application & Permit

​Reserve use of the District's Sign/Banner Posts

Fishing Permits




Before applying for a fishing permit, please review the Rules and Regulations.

​Residents of the Roxborough Village Metropolitan District may apply for a permit to fish in District waters. You may apply as an individual or a family/household unit. To apply for a fishing permit, please email Peggy Ripko at and include your name, your address and the names of your family/household to be included on the permit. 

​By submitting an application, you pledge to adhere to the Rules & Regulations and meet the requirements including the following:

  • You are a resident of Roxborough Village Metropolitan District.
  • You will immediately release any and all fish you catch.
  • You will only fish with artificial flies and lures.
  • You will not leave trash for fishing equipment around the ponds.
  • You will respect those that live around the ponds by keeping noise to a minimum.
  • You will stay out of the water.
  • You will not harass birds, frogs or other wildlife around the ponds. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the District Management Team.